Abstrax Quantum Brite Sample Kit

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Roy Farms, a global leader in hops, has partnered with Abstrax, the leader in optimized hop extracts, to give brewers direct access to the power of terpenes. As the hop industry continues to evolve, Roy Farms understands the potential of terpenes to help brewers be more efficient and consistent with every step of their brewery process. Now brewers can order whole cones, Harvest Fresh Pellets®, organics, and true-to-type Abstrax hop profiles directly from Roy Farms — at farm-direct prices.


Abstrax uses proprietary technology to test for well over 400 botanical compounds found in hops. Other labs test for maybe 50 compounds at most. It’s like using an  electron microscope versus a magnifying glass. Because of this, Abstrax is able to  analyze hops in a way that’s never done before. Through the power of terpenes,  Abstrax is able to create the industry’s first optimized hop extracts.